DANCING DUST Make Me Dusty - Peach

  • DANCING DUST Make Me Dusty - Peach

DANCING DUST Make Me Dusty - Peach


Unleash Your Inner Sparkle with "Make Me Dusty" Antiperspirant Pole Grip!

Scent: Peach Flower & Linen 

Size: 80ml

Are you in search of the ultimate pole dance grip solution that not only banishes sweat but also adds a touch of shimmering magic to your performance? Look no further! Dancing Dust proudly presents "Make Me Dusty" - the game-changer for pole enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Effective Antiperspirant: "Make Me Dusty" is expertly crafted for those with normal to sweaty skin. Bid farewell to unwanted perspiration as this formula reduces sweat, ensuring your grip stays firm and secure.

  • Delicate Scented Shimmer: For the glitter lovers among us, "Make Me Dusty" doesn't disappoint. Our pearlescent formula adds a touch of glamour to your moves, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.

  • Specialized Formula: We've taken extra care to formulate "Make Me Dusty" with your pole routines in mind. Trust in its ability to provide the grip you need, ensuring you can dance with grace and confidence.

"Make Me Dusty" is more than just a pole dance grip; it's your secret weapon for captivating performances. Elevate your artistry, reduce those sweaty palms, and dazzle your audience with every move.

Embrace the shimmer, embrace the grip, and let your inner star shine through. Dancing Dust brings you "Make Me Dusty" - Where Glamour Meets Performance!


Fast drying 💨

Reduces sweat 😓

No white residue 

Improved grip 

Hand made 🖐️

Vegan 🌳

Biodegradable 🌱

Reusable ♻️

How To Use:

- Shake well before use.

- Apply pea size amount to body parts needing grip. Let it dry for 10-20 secs. A patting application will give you a better texture for gripping.

- If sweaty, before warming up apply a few drops to the desired area on your body to activate the antiperspirant.

- If you require more grip, reactivate the grip by touching a sweaty part of your body or spraying on some Make Me Dewy spray, water or alcohol.

Ingredients: SDA-40, Pure Deionised Water, Decyl Glucoside, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Propylene Glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Silica, Calcium Carbonate, Xantham gum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mica, Fragrance.


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