• SAHARA DRY Pole Gel



Sahara Dry Pole Gel repels sweat and contains a drying agent never before used in pole sport to provide strong grip that is long-lasting, has no residue, and is easy and quick to apply. Approved by the IPSF, many who have tried it say it is as good as Dry Hands but lasts longer. Sound to good to be true? You won't know until you try it :)

Sahara Dry works as the never used in pole before drying agent settles in the wrinkles in the hand (it is rubbed of the surface during the application, as shown here), leaving the surface of the hand clean and providing natural friction. You will still sweat, but the sweat cannot join with other sweat or form droplets of any size, so it evaporates or is removed by contact, and does not affect grip.

As the gel does not contact the pole, Sahara Dry works equally well on steel or chrome poles, and the same in warm or cold climates, and in dry and humid conditions.

POLEGLAM is the sole distributor for Sahara Dry products in Australia. Please contact us directly for wholesale enquiries!

  • Removes sweat
  • Strong dry grip
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Approved by IPSF
  • Lasts longer than other pole grips
  • No residue on the pole
  • Vegan & animal friendly

Application Procedure is different from other grip aids. If Sahara Dry is not applied as per instructions, it can be slippery. If applied incorrectly, please wash with soap and water then try again. 

  1. Shake Well
  2. Apply a small amount (pea size) on to the hands
  3. Cover the hands
  4. Wait 15 seconds or until gel is completely dry
  5. Rub Hands 
  6. Wait 10 seconds 
  7. Ready to Pole


Follow the normal application procedure but apply less than before. You will still have some powder in the wrinkles, so adding the same amount is a waste of money.


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