POLE PHYSICS Lotion - Arnica & Green Tea

  • POLE PHYSICS Lotion - Arnica & Green Tea

POLE PHYSICS Lotion - Arnica & Green Tea


For over 10yrs Pole Physics' unique formula has proven to polers around the world that healthy skin does grip better...naturally! Moisturizing with Pole Physics daily; your grip products will not only work better but your skin will grip better without them. Added bonus – this lotion contains Arnica to naturally soothe & nurture the skin, ideal for those polers with sore skin, brass burn & pole kisses. Make it a daily ritual for a more even complexion & skintone.

Our Green Tea & Arnica blend contains green tea extract, naturally rich in antioxidants to help give your skin a more radiant and supple appearance. The Arnica extract naturally soothes and nurture's the skin so it's perfect for those #polekisses 

#polekisses leave their mark. For some polers they fade & become a rarity, for others they stay the duration. Soothe your skin, even your complexion, & improve your grip by ensuring your skin is moisturised daily with a lotion purposed designed for pole aftercare.

Many Arnica blend lotions can smell rather clinical. Our specialised chemists have carefully crafted a beautiful, luxurious vanilla fragrance for this lotion. Its a scent that isn’t too sweet or overpowering… just the right blend to enhance this gorgeous, rich body lotion. Using the same quality base as our Sensitiv+e lotion, this pole-friendly lotion uses natural extracts to leave skin feeling soft smooth & cared for.


200mL bottle

Poler Fact: Healthy skin grips better than dry skin. Dry scaly skin will cause you to be much more slippery on the pole. Even if you don't have grip issues, with so much skin on show - your skincare should always be a priority. Enhance your tone & your grip! Using a body lotion every day is an investment in your pole performance. Pole physics enhances skin tone & firmness, but most importantly your natural ability to grip.

What's inside:

Performance formula. Designed for high-performance use. Athletes & dancers. No-slick. Non-slip. Quickly absorbed. Max hydration. The core purpose of using this body lotion is to truly moisturise & hydrate skin. Its light formula is easily absorbed, without leaving greasy or sticky residue. Packed full of incredible, high quality ingredients, Pole Physics is enriched with extracts to visibly tone & energise the appearance of the skin.

Ingredients Check:

1    Arnica extract to naturally soothe and nurture the skin
2    Green tea extract, naturally rich in antioxidants giving skin a more radiant & supple appearance
3    Vitamin E. Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E), a powerful antioxidant that helps moisturize, nourish, protect, & visibly tone the appearance of your skin. The OG of skincare products & used in the industry for over 50 years. When applied regularly to the skin it can aid in skin repair & restoration. Vitamin E is also known to support the immune system, cell function, & overall skin health.

Pole Physics Arnica & Green Tea Lotion:

• Keeps skin looking toned and moisturised
• Contains green tea extract, naturally rich in antioxidants
• Gives skin a more radiant and supple appearance
• Contains arnica extract to naturally soothe and nurture the skin
• Use regularly after Pole training to keep skin looking healthy and the complexion even
• Moisturises the skin for a more even complexion
• Evens out tone and discolouration for healthier looking skin
• Uses all-natural, naturally derived & nature identical ingredients.
• Enriched with the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E.
• Formulated with natural ingredients that nourish & hydrate skin, without leaving a slick residue.
• Its natural ingredients pamper the skin, making it feel & look soft, smooth & moisturized.
• Formulated with all-natural ingredients & certified natural extracts.
• Uniquely formulated for the pole dancing industry.
• Engineered specifically for dancers to provide glamorous looking skin.
• Light formula that easily absorbs into skin, without leaving greasy or sticky residues.
• Created with great skin & optimal performance in mind.
• Genuinely moisturising & nourishing lotion.
• Enhances the appearance of skin tone/firmness & complexion.
• Specially developed for a healthy-looking skin to grip better… naturally.
• Proudly Australian made & owned.
• Formulated for ages 8+
• Pregnancy & postpartum friendly
• Particularly soothing for tired sore skin & pole bruises
• Ideal for normal to extremely dry skin
• Vegan (& zero animal testing)


• Mineral Oils
• Propylene Glycol
• Silicones Or Silicone Derivatives
• Parabens
• Petrochemicals
• Artificial Fragrances or Colours


For best results: lotion should be applied 7-10 hours before poling (ideally after your shower each day).
Exfoliate 2-3 times a week & enjoy the sensation of moisturised, toned skin again.

It generally takes less than two weeks on average to start to see a difference in your beautiful skin. Results may vary depending on the degree of hydration required, environmental factors & other products being applied to the skin (e.g. alcohol based grip products that may counter the effects of moisturising).


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