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VEKKER LA Claudia Renee Bodysuit - Key Lime Pie

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This bodysuit was designed by the one and only Claudia Renee. You may know her as @itsclaudiarenee on InstaGram. We love her fluid style and tantalizing choreography. When we discussed the collaboration we started creating something she would want to wear in everyday practice or for special performances with comfort and sexiness in mind. 

What we have created is the Claudia Renee Bodysuit. We guarantee that this is the most comfortable and easiest to throw on bodysuit you have ever worn. The lycra blend fabric is soft and moisture wick to ensure comfort and flexibility. We created a deep neckline with laces for added sexiness with the ability to adjust for size or style. Another exciting feature of this piece is the high cut leg line. Claudia specifically requested that high cut look that makes the legs go for days. We also have placed shirring on the bum to excentuate shape. Last but not least the back of this body suit has a strap that is adjust able and adds support. This small but crucial feature makes sure the straps do not fall down the shoulders but also allows the back to be open and exposed. 

This bodysuit is versatile to the max. There are a number of ways to enjoy this design. Wear for dancing, performing, as a top under jeans or wear it as a swimsuit. 


80% Nylon 20% Spandex

Bodysuit Chart

High Hip- Measure at the hip bones
Low Hip- Measure at the widest part of the lower body
In Inches

Size Midriff Bust Low Hip High Hip
XS <28" <32” <35” <32”
S 28”-30” 32”-36” 35”-38”   32”-35”
M 30”-32”   36”-38” 38”-41”   35”-38”
L >32”     >38” 41”-44”   38”-40”
XL >44” >40”