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VEKKER LA Catalina High Waisted Bottoms - Black

$77.00 AUD

The Catalina bottoms are sleek and sexy. These bottoms mix a high quality sport feel with sexy and flattering details. This style features a high waisted black and clear striped elastic band paired with a double lined high quality lycra base, including a scrunch butt elastic backside. This style is sewn inside out creating a sleek clean finish. The cut of the bottoms are cheeky and prevent pinching aka "double butt" but also provide adequate crotch coverage. The Catalina bottoms are perfect for aerial sport and can also be worn as swimwear. 


High grade durable Lycra blend is breathable and stays dry.

90% Poly-Uveil 10% Lycra

Short Size Guide

- Widest Part of the Lower Body
- Measure at the hip bones

Low Hip Measurement (inches) High Hip Measurement (inches)
XS <35" XS <32"
S 35"-38" S 32"-35"
M 38"-41" M 35"-38"
L 41"-44" L 38"-40"
XL >44" XL >40"