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QUEEN Slides Mini Knee Pads - Pink Lips

$45.00 AUD

Knee pads, but gentler, sexier and more delicate. This is Queen’s innovative safety accessory, a Pink Lips slide. The stylish design and the look of juicy lips in bright pink is your little secret for a new flirtatious look. Feel the taste of softness and enjoyment of every movement of your stunning dance.

Refer size chart image for sizing guide. Different from Classic/Grippy sizing. 

  • New type of protective dance accessory;
  • Stylish, miniature look;
  • Your knees will easily and painlessly slide on the floor while dancing;
  • Protection of the popliteal (below the knee cup) area from bruises and scratches;
  • Does not slip or twist (does not rotate on the leg);
  • Suitable for Pole dance will not interfere with the execution of tricks on the pylon;
  • Does not affect the function of heat exchange, allows the skin to breathe;
  • Elastic band on the back part provides a secure fit;
  • Vegan friendly.