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QUEEN Shorts - Queen Power

$63.00 AUD

The peculiarity of this model lies in the details, pay attention to a thin silver line, it sparkles like lightning in a dark sky, emphasizes the bends of the body and gives unshakable energy. Feel the power and turn this energy into motion.


  • Sports design with increased comfort indicators;
  • The height of the shorts – medium;
  • Branded elastic band 3.5 cm wide soft, elastic and pleasant to the body;
  • A decorative element in the back of the shorts in the form of a seductive neckline that is decorated with a silver line is the main highlight of this model;
  • Fabric with Dri-FIT technology removes moisture and provides comfort;
  • Delicate hypoallergenic lining;
  • Gusset width 8 cm – comfortable and safe for splits

General features:

  • 4 sides stretched fabric;
  • Designed for dancing and workouts;
  • Removes moisture – dries quickly.