BOOMKATS Knee High Bootsleeves

  • BOOMKATS Knee High Bootsleeves

BOOMKATS Knee High Bootsleeves


These Boot Sleeves can be worn on any kind of pole shoes, any kind of heels or even barefoot. So you don’t have to buy pole boots. They’re much better than the regular pole boots. Not only do they look fantastic, they’ll elongate your legs even more! Plus they’re handmade in EU and there are 4 colours to choose from.

The material they’re made of does not tear nor peel off. Plus, they’re not under such as a strain as the front part of pole dancing shoe platform. That’s why their life expectancy is much longer than some other products in the market. And we tested them long enough to be sure of that.

Boot Sleeves are made out of fine latex-like fabric that grips the pole like crazy. They help you grip while protecting your feet during painful moves like remi sit or climbing. And even barefoot when using them, you can easily make Cupid.

  • You get your ideal size with shoelaces.
  • Heel clacks won’t hurt them.
  • When regular pole shoes get a bit damaged, your Boot Sleeves stay as new.

sticky latex-like fabric

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Check them out in action on You Tube:




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